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Filosofi Taman Bacaan Anak Lebah di Kompas, 27 Februari 2011

filosofiOne day on twitter, I got a Direct Message from Fajar Arcana, senior journalist of Kompas, invited me to have a chat at coffeeshop. I didn’t know it was meant to be an interview.

I was asking bli Fajar to interview my boss, instead of me. But he insisted to have me. Our chat over a latte focused on the progress of @lebahbooks.

I would thank bli Fajar Arcana and also mas Wawan Prabowo for the beautiful photos.

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Foto anak-anak Lebah di Lombok Tampil di Mother and Baby, April 2011

mother-baby-tbalI have known Intan Pradina since a long time ago, up until now when we have become a mother.

When I just had my second children, I wrote an article about my pregnancy for Mother and Baby on 2007. Twitter re-connect us.

As an Editor in Chief of Mother and Baby, Intan asked me to share a story of @lebahbooks. On “Diary Vera”, I share about my dream for Indonesian children.

Thank you Intan and Lenny for such a beautiful article.

Doa Semangat untuk Lebah di Ayahbunda Januari 2011

abunIndonesian children should have been more interest in reading. Reading books helps children to develop their language skill and also to be more creative.

Reading should be fun. Children should enjoy their time with books to build reading habits. We can introduce books and try to develop the habit since they’re 1 year old.

It might not be easy, but we can try to do it by having mutual times with our children.

Liburan Keluarga Mengunjungi TBAL di Femina 10-16 Mei 2014

Family day is not about having a vacation to the mall or amusement park. We can take our children over a trip to places they never visit in Indonesia would brings unforgetable memories.

We can bring our family to beautiful yet undiscovered tourism spots in Indonesia while teach our children to be more grateful of living in such an amazing country.

The story of Vera Makki’s family trip under @lebahbooks mission can be read more on Femina No. 19/XLII, May 10-16, 2014.

Taman Bacaan Anak Lebah di ‘Diary Dave’ Cosmopolitan 90.4FM

With-Novita-Rismadhani-Chaniago-and-Stanley-1024x1024A fun evening chat with Dave Hendrik about the philosophy, background, and the progress of @lebahbooks at “Diary Dave” on Cosmopolitan 90.4 FM.

The Jakarta’s traffic didn’t stop us to share the spirit of Bee Warriors to spread the joy of reading books to the Indonesian children.

Let’s develop the habits of Indonesian children in reading books by making a donation of children story books through @lebahbooks.

#SatuBukuSatuSaudara di Trax 101.4 Trax FM Jakarta

IMG-20140617-WA0003Vera Makki and Bee Warriors: @sidhancrut, @dbrahmantyo, @popokman, and @ipankdewe got interviewed by TRAX 101,4FM to share about #SatuBukuSatuSaudara program.

Peringatan Hari Pendidikan Nasional Bersama Market+ dan TBAL

To celebrate National Education Day, @lebahbooks in collaboration with Market+ Magazine, held a talkshow ” Developing Children’s Reading Habits” on Entrepreneur Festival in 2013.

The speakers: @ClaraNg, children story book writer; @VeraMakki, @lebahbooks founder; @rahmanadi, Pengajar Muda alumni; @aiodongeng, story teller; Moderated by @sidhancrut

Talkshow #NgaBUKUrit Taman Bacaan Anak Lebah di Charity In Ramadhan @WajahBundaID

photo-1-1024x764In Collaboration with @WajahBundaID, @lebahbooks held a talkshow “Charity in Ramadan” to present books-donation charity program #NgaBUKUrit.

Thanks to Fiki Maulani @fiki0102 from @WajahBundaID.

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