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Taman Bacaan Anak Lebah (TBAL) is a non-profit and non-political initiative, which has a mission to grow the interest in reading in Indonesian children at an early age.

It is undeniable that book is a window to the world which can broaden and develop the imagination and creativity of children. Reading books in accordance with the age of the child, if introduced in a fun way since childhood, to foster interest in reading and reading habits are very useful for the development of the child now and in adulthood.
Unfortunately, children’s interest in reading Indonesia is still relatively low compared to other countries in Asia, one of the reasons was the lack of access to children’s books, in addition to quite a high price of books these children. Another factor is the lack of passion magnitude teachers, tutors, and parents to encourage the children to begin to love reading books.

Children who love to read will have the ability to communicate better than those who do not like to read. Children who love to read are accustomed to have a systematic mindset because the book consists of an opening, contents, and closing. Children who love to read will suggested the idea and thought it trace. The skills that children need in the future, particularly in the face of increasingly fierce competition work in any industry they will plunge later.

Prior to shipment, all books sorted donations, to ensure there are no words or illustrations is not good for the kids. TBAL not solely the pursuit of quantity, but the most important quality in a share.
TBAL children focused on early childhood (1-8 years) in the eastern part of Indonesia, given the economic turnaround, the business, including the distribution of books has always focused on the island of Java and its surroundings, where eastern Indonesia often the umpteenth priority. The high cost of transport and logistics to the area was the cause of reluctance nevertheless various stakeholders to implement sustainable community development in the region.

TBAL fact have the opposite mission. By regularly send donations of books and magazines to suit the child’s age into eastern Indonesia underprivileged, is expected to help the realization CHANGES toward improvement. Let’s start small …

2009 - 2010
  • The non-profit, non-political initiative was formed in Jakarta, Indonesia named TBAL.
  • The first Taman Baca Anak Lebah was opened in 4 (four) locations in East Lombok. All of which are in collaboration with local PAUD (early childhood education communities).
  • The reading corner was set in a humble and low-profile manner, adjusting to the situation in the field.
2011 - 2013
  • In 2011, 2 (two) additional TBAL was built in Central Lombok, in collaboration with local PAUD. The total 6 (six) TBAL are managed with the help of local HIMPAUDI – Himpunan Pendidik dan Tenaga Pendidik (Group of Tutors).
  • In 2011, 3 (three) additional TBAL was opened each in Ambon (Maluku), Wangi-wangi (Wakatobi, Sulawesi Tenggara), and Bula, East Seram (Seram, Maluku).
  • In 2013, 8 (eight) TBAL was set up in Ambon & Saparua Island (five locations), and each in Romean (Yaru, Fordata Island), Bula, and Trenggalek (East Java).
  • Under Yayasan Literasi Anak Lebah Indonesia – Foundation, TBAL starts to have regular fund raising and book donation events in Jakarta. Most importantly, the foundation provides a free reading garden in its homely office especially for the unfortunate ones, through which many social activities are held in regular basis.

Vision & Mission
  • To be a respectful institution in creating a better future of Indonesian children through books.
  • To continuously support unfortunate children by providing free story books and related facilities.
  • To continuously support unfortunate children to become a better & smarter human beings through fun, creative, and safe activities.
  • To proactively promote the importance of a love of reading books starts at early age.
  • HAPPY. Fun Learning | Smile & think positively | Enjoy reading books | Passionate
  • CARE & SHARE. Show empathy | Take part & contribute | Start from within | Be thankful
  • RESPECT. Celebrate diversity | Open-minded | Appreciation for self & others | Listen to each other
  • INTEGRITY. Honest & transparent | Do what’s right | Work with ethics | Be responsible | Trustworthy & credible | Committed
  • MAKE IT HAPPEN. Self-driven | Teamwork | Get things done effectively & efficiently | Real action | Creative
  • To give an OPPORTUNITY to the unfortunate children in Eastern Indonesia to get an access towards children story books that are most suitable to their age, as well as to make reading activities a fun experience in their development journey.
  • To strengthen COMMUNICATION SKILL of the children, since it is one of the most important ammunitions to survive in their future. By reading books continuously, children can learn how to think and speak systematically and logically. People who read more books will have a better communication ability than those who read less books. Children who are introduced to books start at early age will have a stronger confidence, especially in delivering ideas/thinking.
Character Building
  • To instill love of reading, through which good characters are built such as patient, discipline, persistent, strong team work, focused, creative, insightful, etc.





Note: To ensure the quality of the books, we filter all the donated books before sending to the recipients. We have the right to cancel the delivery should the books are inappropriate to the children (e.g. comics with vulgar language). For us, quality is more important than solely quantity.

Three Pillars
1. Reading is Fun
  • Help to set up and maintain reading corner (Pojok Lebah) – including book shelves, tutor fee, books delivery, children story books, school & teaching supplies.
  • NGaBUKUrit–an awareness campaign to encourage children to read books during spare times in Ramadhan month.
  • #SatuBukuSatuSaudara (One Book, One Sibling) – Help children to have their own books by sending personalized children story books with notes inside. When the children receive and read the notes, a connection is built between the sender and the recipient which somehow forms an anonymous siblinghood.
2. Belajar tanpa Batas (Infinite Learning)
  • Fun English program. Build teaching competency for tutor.
  • Introduction to technology (computer literacy) for tutor and children.
  • Field trip – exploration day (museum, historical places, green park, beach, mountain, etc.).
  • Go green activities (reduce, reuse, recycle, collecting waste, save energy, etc.).
3. Semangati Guru (EncourageTeacher)
  • Help teachers in Indonesia to teach effectively. The fund will be used to accomplish teachers’ projects in the classroom. Let’s encourage teachers!

Elvera Nuriawati Makki – Founder

verain2Let’s get acquainted with Elvera Nuriawati Makki, founder of Taman Bacaan Anak Lebah (TBAL). Born in Jakarta, May 26, 1976, the mother of three children has a dream to build the future of Indonesian children to be better, especially the underprivileged and reside in the eastern part of Indonesia. Way that carried a simple matter of building a habit of reading books from an early age (1-8 years).

Vera Makki is a business communicator and public relations practitioners. She believes, children who love to read will have the ability to better communication and a more systematic way of thinking than those who do not like to read.

In her spare time, Vera likes dancing, traveling, making scrap books, swimming, reading, and spending time with her husband and her children.

Rismadhani Chaniago – Director

934017e20295c4c437f831571043918bDirector of Yayasan Literasi Anak Lebah involves actively in various social programs as a volunteer since college. Her education background in Psychology has made her interested in children and education world. Besides working for Taman Baca Anak Lebah, this lady called “Kak Dhani” is a social influencer and enthusiast in movies, books, fried rice, and crackers. Meet her also at her twitter account @sidhancrut.

Andrean A. Irawan – Operational Manager

IMG-20160107-WA0003Andrean A. Irawan, a father of two kids is the TBAL Operational Manager. In the middle of his daily activities, this alumni of Communication and Politics Faculty of Indonesia University is responsible for the day to day operational of TBAL secretariat and also the operational of all Lebah Corner in eastern part of Indonesia. Establishing cooperation with parties that support TBAL activities and teaching for additional English class are also two of his many vigor in TBAL. Andre has a dream that one of these days he is has the chance to develop qualified mentoring programs for school children that is affordable; so Indonesian children can have good quality and equitable education.

Handry-FeatureHandry Satriago was born in Riau, Pekanbaru on June 13, 1969. He is the CEO of General Electric Indonesia. He joined the company in 1997 as Business Development Manager. Prior to joining GE he worked for several local companies as head of business development (source: Wikipedia).

Handry is dedicated to education and volunteerism. He enjoys the teaching-learning process, whether it is in educational institutions, or outside. His goal is to share and to contribute to the education of the Indonesian people in order to compete globally. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, sports and traveling. And now he is one of Anak Lebah Literacy Indonesia Foundation (ALLIF) advisers.

Yayasan Literasi Anak Lebah Indonesia
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