Amanah Preschool-Great Mom, Bright Children

Located in a narrow alley Lepak village, East Lombok, Early Childhood Education (ECD) Amanah is located in one of the guest rooms and terrace houses. Upon entering the house fence, cheerful sound of children already heard. They received a very enthusiastic welcome and reading books, although most of them can not read. When the books…


Melati Preschool – Mrs. Mariani Determination

Power in the hamlet Pungkang Village, East Lombok , we met with mothers who have school Mariani Early Childhood Education ( ECD ) Bed . Partnering with the Children’s Reading Garden Bee ( TBAL ) , currently ECD Bed incorporate reading activities into the curriculum with daily activities , using books , magazines and props…


Shopping for Books

One of the most encouraging thing for me is when hunting books for kids @lebahbooks at #TamanBacaanAnakLebah. Home office was so excited because the night I Kwitang to look for various books to be donated to children in Ambon @ GunungMimpi; the children in the Fragrant – scented, Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi; four children in the…


Family Day: From Kids to Kids

In early May, at the residential complex mother Vera Makki held Family Day. Held annually, this year’s Family Day concept of empowering children to have an entrepreneurial spirit as well as foster a high social life.


Assajari Preschool, Highly Motivated Tutors

School of Early Childhood Education (ECD) Assajari located in Batu Lawang, the village of Arena, East Lombok. Class consists of 34 children aged 3-5 years and made ​​in one of the terrace houses Mr. Umar, SPQ, as Trustees. Together Children’s Reading Garden Bee (TBAL), reading books and story telling (mendongengkan tutor children) incorporated into the…

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