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Power in the hamlet Pungkang Village, East Lombok , we met with mothers who have school Mariani Early Childhood Education ( ECD ) Bed . Partnering with the Children’s Reading Garden Bee ( TBAL ) , currently ECD Bed incorporate reading activities into the curriculum with daily activities , using books , magazines and props to help tutors of TBAL .

Bed early childhood vision is to prepare a generation of healthy , intelligent , creative , innovative , and noble . As a graduate education , Mariani mother has the same passion with TBAL , which wants the children are given the opportunity to improve intelligence optimally by providing reading books appropriate to their age .

ECD Bed is located in one of the alleys Aikmal village , in a small pavilion but pretty cool with the cool air flowing stream . This simple school has 30-40 students aged 3-6 years and 7 dedicated tutors . While visiting this TBAL in early March , the children sing and recite various prayers smoothly . They cheerfully sing and perform various movements with agile .

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